Learn about AdChoices.
Be in control of your experience with online interest-based advertising.

Interest-based ads are ads intended for you based on your web surfing behaviour. Look for the AdChoices icon to know you're being reached respectfully.

This icon gives you transparency and control for interest-based ads:

Find out when information about your online interests is being gathered or used to customize the web ads you see.

Choose whether to continue to allow this type of advertising.

What is the AdChoices icon that I keep seeing all over the internet?

The icon is a clear sign that companies are trying to make the web ads you see better reflect your online interests. It's there to keep you informed about how ads are being made more relevant for you.

Where will you see the icon?

Quite simply, you will see the icon in the corner of ads whenever companies are engaged in interest-based advertising. You'll also see notices on some of the sites you visit, giving you more information about the types of targeting they do, and how to opt out.


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